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Being a part of the Memphis metro area, this city is housing a multitude of families, resulting in the establishment of numerous neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods is Daybreak situated at St. Elmo and Denver and Egypt Central and Denver, and near Mls listings on golf course. Its close proximity from area retailers such as Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, Walgreens, and CITGO makes it the first choice for businessmen and shoppers alike. It is also close to a golf course, offering spectacular green views and fresh air, not to mention a great golfing experience.

The community is also nurturing an attractively landscaped garden with nice flowers, well maintained lawns and shrubs.

The neighborhood of Castle Ridge on the other hand is also known for its scenic beauty. Located just 15 minutes away from the northeast of Memphis, this elegantly named community is close to the famous parks of the metro area such as Spring Lake, Bartlett City Park and Shelby Farms Park.

Spring Lake Park has a paved fitness trail, multipurpose sports fields, a playground for children, picnic tables, tennis courts and a pavilion while the other parks have cultural attractions, scenic trails and duck ponds. No doubt it is one of the most amiable neighborhoods to live in and raise a family, not to mention its several cultural and historical highlights.Visit here for more info-https://residential.golfshirehomes.com/